Do you need a property inspection report in East London for Immigration and/or UK Visas for your spouse or fiancé? Do you need a property inspection report to prove that your accommodation is not overcrowded and doesn’t contravene public health regulations? Perhaps you need to prove your property is suitable to live in before immigration is granted.

If you need a property/home inspection report in East London, we can help you!

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We are The Property Inspection Report London Experts.

Are you applying for a UK Visa for your spouse or partner? If so, you need supporting paperwork to prove you have suitable accommodation.

You will need to obtain an independent report from a suitably experienced and qualified agency. Once you have this, you can move forward with your application for a fiancé, civil partner, or spouse visa.

With more than 12 years of experience, Green Vision will help you with your professional property inspection report in London. We will quickly provide you with all the official and acceptable paperwork you need at an affordable price.

  • Property Inspection Report for Spouse and fiancé Visa Paperwork
  • Proof that a Property Immigration Report has been conducted and giving details that your property is suitable for this purpose.
  • Notification of the standards you need to meet under the Housing act 1985 and Housing Act 2004.

Our Professional and Experienced Surveyors for your House Inspection Report in East London

Our experienced, helpful, and certified IOSH and HHSRS officer will survey your property and provide proof that it meets the standards of adequate accommodation.

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The property inspection report we provide you will be suitable as proof for the following agencies:

  • UKVI – UK Visas and Immigration
  • UKBA – UK Border Agency
  • British High Commission
  • British Embassies.

Our property inspector or surveyors will provide you with the official proof you need to support a VISA application.

Our property inspection report in East London can help you with the following processes:

  • Fiancé and Spouse Visa application
  • Visa application for a civil partner or unmarried partner
  • A family Visa application
  • Visitor Visa applications
  • Entry clearance applications.
  • Visa extension applications.

Why Do I Need a Company for Property Inspection Report Near me in East London?

Is your partner making a visa application to the High Commissions or British Embassies? If so, the Entry Clearance Officer will want proof that you can provide adequate accommodation when they move to the UK.

You should obtain an independent assessment of the number of rooms and occupants of the proposed accommodation. A property inspection report in London will prove that the property is not statutorily overcrowded and suitable to live in.

We will provide you with an efficient and professional property inspection report in London. This can then be used to support your Visa or immigration application.

  • Our friendly and helpful inspectors will visit and survey your property.
  • We provide you with a property inspection report letter to show to the UK Visas and Immigration Department (UKVI.)
  • We can advise you on what to do if your property doesn’t meet the usual standards of a housing inspection report. And what to do to make sure your property inspected is usually acceptable to the UKVI.

You need an independent company providing a Property Inspection Report in London to get entry or settlement clearance for the UK. 

property inspection report for UK Visa and Immigration can then be used for your application. Whether you are applying for a Visa for a spouse, fiancé, or civil partner.

You will need to provide proof of inspection from a suitably qualified body. This will certify that the Visa applicant has a suitable place to live after arriving in the UK. And will prove the property is acceptable for this purpose

Their accommodation needs to be suitable for this purpose under the Housing Act 1985 and the Housing Act 2004.

A property inspection report in East London will provide details of the accommodation inspected. And prove that new UK arrivals will not need to be rehoused after entering the country.

Your property needs to meet the requirements of the UKVI. The property Inspector will check all bedrooms and living room sizes, hot water, cold water facilities, bathroom, toilet, kitchen all other facilities. Our inspector has more than 12 years of experience in this field. You will get peace of mind about the housing requirements.

Housing act 1985 (Housing Act 1985 Guidance)

  • Independent proof of assessment of the number of rooms in the property.
  • Property Inspection Details of the number of people in the property.
  • A property inspection report stating spouses or fiancés will move into a property that is acceptable for the purpose.
  • A report by a suitably qualified body certifying details of accommodation inspected.
  • Evidence for the Entry Clearance Officer that accommodation will not become overcrowded.
  • A property inspection report in East London stating the property does not contravene public health regulations.

Housing Act 2004 (Housing Act 2004 Guidance)

  • Houses of multiple occupations are expected to meet the standards of local authorities.
  • A property inspection report stating accommodation is free from category contravening health and safety problems.

After an inspection has been carried out, your property inspection officer will provide a report. This proves they are satisfied that the accommodation is suitable for your proposed partner while living in the UK.


Where Can I Get a Property Inspection Report Near Me in East London?

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Do you need proof of the suitability of the property for your spouse, fiancé, or civil partner? Or are you applying for an extended visa application? No matter the reason, we will provide you with the proof you need.

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