How Long is a Property Inspection Report Valid For?

How Long is a Property Inspection Report Valid For?

Acquiring an immigration visa may sound like a complex and time-consuming process to undertake. However, it is the process you need to take to live a happy life in the United Kingdom. If you take it one step at a time, this seemingly daunting task becomes much easier to digest.

A housing inspection report may be one of the more difficult things to take on since you need a verified professional to provide you with this certificate. It can take some time and has several steps, but it is a crucial part of the visa application process.

What is a Property Inspection Report?

One of the most important documents you will need to hand in for your application is an immigration survey report proving your property is ready to live in. There are several aspects considered and verified during the property inspection. For example, the home needs to be free of category 1 and 2 hazards under the 2004 Housing Act.

During the inspection, the number of people living in the home is also verified, since it can’t be overcrowded. Following part X of the 1985 Housing Act, you are allowed to have others living in the home, but it needs to be reasonable for the size of the property.

The person doing this inspection is just going to have a look through your property and ask you some simple questions. They want to make sure the home is safe, inhabitable, and suitable for you and your family.

Length of Property Inspection Report Validity

A property inspection report is the perfect way to show you have a set place you are living, as well as show you are permanently living with your spouse. When applying for a spousal visa, you will need to show proof you are residing with your life partner or else you can be denied.

The home survey report is only good for three months and the time can move fast. Due to this, the inspection report should be one of the final things you obtain for your visa application. Thankfully, Property Inspection for Immigration is happy to work with you to the fullest extent and provide affordable rates for your property inspection report.

Contact Property Inspection for Immigration Today!

After you finish everything you need for your spousal visa application, you will receive an answer in 2 to 12 weeks. All you need to do to ensure you are approved is follow the guidelines offered – they are there to help you pass the inspection, after all. Property Inspection for Immigration will help you with your housing survey report. We don’t use any third party surveyors when doing our checks and are a company with many professionals in the office. Our qualified team will physically visit any property nationwide and give a signed written guarantee. Contact us when you are ready to start this process or if you have any inquiries involving the certification.

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